13 June 2013

you can't die until you've been here

"I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station,
through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in."
~George Washington Carver~

aaaaah!!!! this could potentially be the most deferred post in the history of blogging!!!! okay, that might be is an exaggeration – a result of losing my cyber-sanity due to an unplanned hiatus on online journalizing. but since a very tiny window of opportunity to blog opened up, here i am owning that window despite struggling to write about one of the most beautiful places i have been to.... EVER.

i've had a lot of people tell me that queenstown trumps europe in more ways than one.... that it's a far better place to visit than the aforementioned continent. having dreamt of backpacking across europe for almost six years now, doing as much research as possible in between, i was nothing but a skeptic visitor. after the three-day trip, i have one thing left to say:

QUEENSTOWN.... you have won my heart without even trying.

10 April 2013

4 pics 1 word

the plate that is my life is currently filled with all sorts of things – pretty good mix of good and bad things. i'm not sure how i feel about this, but i'd like to believe that from God's 'BIG PICTURE' point of view, this situation is good. okay, i typed 'good' an abnormal amount of times already, which is a bad sign. so i'll just move along to my post for today. good call? definitely.... maybe.

poorly focused and composed is how i would describe this snapshot (very similar to how i would describe my 'last-few-months' self) but i am mildly obsessed with it for no apparent reason. but on the note of taking photos, i have been shooting people lately for very different reasons. i realized i missed doing such thing – a lot! here's to hoping i get to do this more often....

this was taken last month when i went to this pyrotechnic show at the domain. to say that i love fireworks is an understatement. they're so captivating and temporarily enchanting, watching them makes me forget this thing called 'problems' exist. but can i be honest, this show that i watched, although very impressive in new zealand standards, fails greatly in comparison to that of disney's. okay, that's an unfair comparison.... we all know disney's on a league of its own, right? ;)

when did this flippin' happen?! it was on the eve of my twenty-second birthday that i found out this little blessing from above is inside my sweetheart's tummy and now.... this! he's not a baby anymore. after almost four years, i am still on the hunt for that elusive pause button. while i'm doing so, please don't grow up too fast darling.... my heart can barely keep up!

oh hey there twenty-six year old self.... look at you all grown up! the past few months have been difficult so i'm glad i get to see you in one piece still. all joking around aside, i wanna close this post with a thanksgiving piece that i can re-read over and over again when i'm waaaay older. God, thank you for the many struggles i'm experiencing as of late. i'm not too appreciative of them, but i know in the grand scale of things, they are purposeful in Your sight. for the nth time, i'll try to trust my struggles.... even more so, i'll try to trust more in You.

to those addicted to the game, i'm sorry if the post title was a little misleading. i've got the 4 pics down pat anyways so that makes this half-acceptable. and there goes a quick photo dump of all sorts of randomness. i still have to write about my queenstown experience so watch this space. :)